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SPIN Daybreaker: 16 Songs That Speak to Your Soul

December has quickly approached and boy, did we miss you last week. With a full tummy and some cozy toes, we’re more than thankful to be back with a brand new Daybreaker roundup that’s will get you in a soulful mood.

This week brings you the best in artists dominating the neo-soul, jazz, funk, and contemporary fusion spaces. The artists we’re focused on the week aren’t just gifted multi-instrumentalists, composers, songwriters, vocalists, and producers, but are creating an authentic sense of artistry that expresses the human experience. There are times when it can be fun to get lost in the layered intricacies of a track and times where the simplicity of intentional stillness will speak to the soul beyond comprehension. This curation of tracks do more than enough to explore the playful dynamics that present itself in music and one cannot help but indulge in every second of it.

Some of this week’s standouts and personal favorites include: Clap! Clap! featuring Martha Da’ro on “Moving On,” a song that blends diverse influences to create a gooey, rhythmic odyssey. London’s jazzy intuitive beast Oscar Jerome whose track, “Sun For Someone” brightly showcases his musical/lyrical capabilities. JGrrey, the dreamingly soulful and wittingly charismatic singer who shines on “Doubt Nothing.”

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