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Nandi Bushell Rings in 2021 With New Original Song: ‘I Hope It Puts a Smile on Your Face Even if Its a Little Cheesy’

Everyone’s favorite rockin’ prodigy, Nandi Bushell, is back with one more gift to fans before the year ends.

After debuting her tune “Gods and Unicorns” earlier this month, she’s back with another (brief) original track to celebrate the end of 2020. The new track also comes just a handful of days after she did one of her now-famous covers of Slipknot’s “Unsainted” and concludes her run as one of the most beloved new talents of the year.

Of course, Bushell made headlines this year for her tremendous cover songs (as well as beating Dave Grohl in the year’s best “feud”) and figures to have a big 2021 ahead of her now that she’s made a name for herself. In a year filled with artists (and Kevin Bacon) passing time in quarantine and entertaining fans by performing covers, Bushell’s talent and enthusiasm on tracks like Muse’s “Hysteria,” Them Crooked Vultures’ “Dead End Friends,” Audioslave’s “Cochise” and more made her versions of songs some of the most entertaining and unique.

Check out the new song below, and stay tuned to find out what Bushell has in store for 2021.

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