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Tool to Auction a Signed Kitchen Sink to Raise Money for Ronnie James Dio Cancer Fund

Charitable fundraisers these days generally try to bring in money for their causes by listing just about anything they think will sell for a decent amount. In the music world, that means signed instruments, exclusive records, collectible memorabilia, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Likewise, you generally won’t see anything autographed by Tool in there. Maynard James Keenan and crew aren’t prone to lending their signatures to raise money.

But the upcoming auction in support of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund apparently isn’t your typical fundraiser. In addition to the usual lot (headlined by an exclusive Holy Diver-painted Les Paul and collection of old Beatles collectibles), the Icons & Idols: TRILOGY Rock ‘n’ Roll Auction will feature an actual stainless steel kitchen sink signed by the members of Tool.

Will the sink last a particularly wealthy Tool fan 10,000 days? No one knows, as 27 years seems like a long time for a sink. Could you put the pot in there and fill it with ticks and leeches? Sure, but that seems like a terrible waste of money, although there is a pretty solid-looking metal schism between the two sinks.

The auction will be conducted by Julien’s Auctions on Dec. 2, so you can attempt to empty your wallet to show your love for Tool online, in-person, or any of the other various ways they let rich people bid.