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The Black Keys Celebrate Brothers 10-Year Anniversary With Bonus Cuts, Video

It’s the 10th anniversary of  The Black Keys’ Grammy-winning sixth album, and the band is celebrating with Brothers (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition), an expanded version of their 2010 album featuring a trio of bonus tracks.

The re-release, which drops Dec. 18 via Nonesuch, contains the additional songs “Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth,” “Black Mud Part II” and “Chop and Change.” The Anniversary Edtion was also remastered and the CD deluxe box set edition contains a 60-page book with archival photos and a limited-edition poster.

The Black Keys — singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney — recorded nine of Brothers’ songs in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, in a legendary studio that had seen better days.

The vibe shone through, however. “You can feel it if you’re a musician, the great things that happened in a place. Half of the thing that we love is in our minds, but when we go to these shrines, it gives us inner strength. It feels magical—this is where the music was born,” Auerbach says in the band bio.

The album title is a nod to the Allman Brothers, and Carney says in the bio, “I was thinking about what the record meant to me — how Dan and I had gone through this shit that brothers go through where you don’t get along, but then you do get along and realize it’s an unconditional love.”

A humourous promo vid for the release, directed by Bryan Schlam, is below.

Brothers (Deluxe Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition) will be available in three formats: a 7” box set, a 2-LP set, and a CD, and all are available for pre-order here. Track listings for each are below.

This will be the first in an annual series of archival releases from the band.

The Black Keys Celebrate <i>Brothers</i> 10-Year Anniversary With Bonus Cuts, Video” title=”tbk_brothers_10year_3packages-1605155474″ data-original-id=”362060″ data-adjusted-id=”362060″ class=”sm_size_full_width sm_alignment_center ” data-image-use=”multiple_use” /></p>
<p><em>Brothers</em> (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) Track Listing:<br />
1. “Everlasting Light”<br />
2. “Next Girl”<br />
3. “Tighten Up”<br />
4. “Howlin’ for You”<br />
5. “She’s Long Gone”<br />
6. “Black Mud”<br />
7. “The Only One”<br />
8. “Too Afraid to Love You”<br />
9. “Ten Cent Pistol”<br />
10. “Sinister Kid”<br />
11. “The Go Getter”<br />
12. “I’m Not the One”<br />
13. “Unknown Brother”<br />
14. “Never Give You Up”<br />
15. “These Days”<br />
16. “Chop and Change” *<br />
17. “Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth” **<br />
18. “Black Mud Part II” ***</p>
<p>*Previously released on <em>The Twilight Saga: Eclipse</em> (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)<br />
**Previously unreleased<br />
***Previously unreleased</p>
<p><em>Brothers</em> (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) 7” Box Set<br />
● Limited edition – only 7500 copies available worldwide<br />
● Nine 7” singles<br />
● New liner notes written by David Fricke<br />
● Three bonus songs<br />
● 60-page book photos from the archives<br />
● Limited edition poster<br />
● Special heat-sensitive ink on cover</p>
<p><em>Brothers</em> (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) 2-LP Set<br />
● 140-gram vinyl<br />
● 12” vinyl tip-on gatefold double-pocket album jacket<br />
● New liner notes written by David Fricke<br />
● Three bonus songs<br />
● Insert with photos</p>
<p><em>Brothers</em> (Deluxe Remastered Anniversary Edition) CD<br />
● Single CD<br />
● Booklet with new liner notes written by David Fricke and photos from the archive<br />
● Three bonus songs</p>
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