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SPIN Daybreaker: 13 Artists You’ll Want to Hear More From

What a beautiful day to discover more music, don’t you agree? We’re back with another week of Daybreaker madness and I must say, we have quite the zestful lineup coming your way. Get ready to dive deep into the realms of psychedelic, indie rock, and conceptual greatness. This curation of artists have a knack for whisking your mind into imaginative and introspective places within and without.

Go on a spiritual adventure with the vibrant soundscapes of multimedia artist/instrumentalist Vinyl Williams on track, “La Egypt,” reminisce about an old lover with Garden & Villa on “Rosie” or grab a blank canvas and visually express yourself to the explorative and captivating symphonies of Louis Prince. No matter where you may be or what’s going on around you, this selection is sure to be the perfect companion to all your solo or group escapades.

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