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Run The Jewels Premiere Futuristic ‘No Save Point’ Video During Adult Swim Festival

Run The Jewels shared their contribution to the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack, “No Save Point,” on Thursday, but waited to unveil its video until the Adult Swim Festival on Friday night.

During their segment, El-P and Killer Mike discussed working on the highly anticipated new video game, and how that shaped the way they wrote the track.

“I wanted to feel like you could listen to this jam in a flying car, and at the same time have a hard ass just drum break feeling jam for the exact reason that I really think hardcore dope rap is gonna be around in the future,” El-P explained. “We were trying to fuse a cinematic, futuristic sound with something that was just gonna break your neck when you heard it, and I think we kinda pulled it off.”

“The beauty with video games and movies and stuff is you get to kind of suspend disbelief and tell your truth in that mythology,” Killer Mike added. “For very real truth, in the United States, we know that medicine is better and more affordable for rich people. And we know that there are countries that exist now where poor people have to sell kidneys in order to sustain themselves. This game addresses this very serious issue in a way that’s entertaining; it’s enlightened; it’s dope — but it makes you think of the what ifs.”

Cyberpunk 2077 is slated to release on December 10th. The Adult Swim Festival continues tonight with loads of music and panels. The virtual event is also raising money for the ACLU and at time of writing has raised nearly $26,000.

The live-action video was directed by Mike Diva. Watch RTJ’s full segment below.