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Nandi Bushell Responds to Dave Grohl’s ‘Submission of Defeat’

Nandi Bushell

After Dave Grohl‘s concession to Nandi Bushell on A Late Show With Stephen Colbert last week, the 10-year-old drumming prodigy has shared her response.

“Mr. Grohl, thou declare defeat at my feet. The rock Gods of roll watch you retreat. Your legend in history will echo in time, but still, you resign to a child of 3-foot-9 [-inches],” Bushell said in a new video.

Filled with lots of screaming and some interesting rhymes, Bushell didn’t just rag on Grohl’s loss but also showed her gratitude for joining the battle. “It has been an honor battling you, Mr. Grohl,” she ended her speech, “and I can’t wait to write our song together.”

Bushell and Grohl’s drum battle has been going on since August. Their back-and-forth even sparked the creation of two new tracks, Grohl’s “Superhero,” featuring his kids, and Bushell’s “Rock and Grohl.”

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the Foo Fighters‘ frontman praised Bushell for her immense talent and alluded to bringing her onstage when the Foos can go back to the UK again.

“But it has to be at the end of the set because [Bushell’s] going to steal the show,” Grohl said.

Watch Nandi Bushell’s full response below.