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Jeff Tweedy Says P. Diddy Once Mistook Him for an Usher at the Grammys

With the 2021 Grammy nominations coming today (Nov. 24), Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy told Seth Myers his humbling — if hysterical — story from a previous Grammy night. The Wilco singer revealed that P. Diddy thought he was an usher and asked the Wilco frontman for a program of the night’s events.

“I was with a big group of people; all the Wilco guys, wives and girlfriends. Somehow I ended up standing outside one of the bathrooms at the Staples Center, holding everyone’s Grammy program,” Tweedy said on the Nov. 23 edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“And P. Diddy walked up to me, and he thought I was an usher handing out programs. He taps the programs I was holding with a cane and said, ‘give me one of those.'”

His retort?

‘No, they’re mine. It didn’t escalate, thank goodness,” Tweedy said.

Though it wasn’t clear if Tweedy was kidding, he also said, “Every time I’ve ever gone to the Grammys I’ve been mistaken for a seat filler. ‘Get up, go!'”

Check out the tale below.

Also during his segment, Tweedy and his band remotely performed “Gwendolyn” from his latest solo album Love Is King. Tweedy was accompanied by his son, Spencer Tweedy, on drums.

Watch them play the song below.

Both Tweedys recently released books: How to Write One Song published this year by Jeff; his son co-wrote Mirror Sound: The People and Processes Behind Self-Recorded Music.