Dave Grohl on Going in a Different Direction with Upcoming ‘Party Album’ Medicine At Midnight

Dave Grohl
(Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images)

Many Foo Fighters fans were disappointed when their favorite rock band had to cancel all their 25th-anniversary plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after debuting “Shame Shame” live on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, the Foo Fighters are officially back with a record that fans might not expect from the lineup.

“We have a lot of albums to fall back on, so you just have to go with our gut feeling and I thought instead of making some mellow adult album, I thought ‘Fuck that, let’s make a party album’,” Dave Grohl told NME.

Grohl said Medicine at Midnight is “more energetic in a lot of ways than anything we’ve ever done and it was really designed to be that Saturday night party album.”

Without giving too much away, he said that the title track is reminiscent of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” but Foo purists will be happy to know that there is one song, “Waiting on a War,” which is “the most recognisable [sic] song off the album as Foo Fighters.”

With the album set to release in February, NME couldn’t help but ask about playing the new music live.

While Grohl would love nothing more than playing the new material live, they don’t feel it’s safe to do that just yet.

“Until that can happen safely,” he said, “we’re just gonna have to fucking knock it out in the rehearsal room.”

Grohl emphasized the importance of live music in an essay he wrote for The Atlantic in May. But it seems that between their performances on SNL and then getting back in the rehearsal room with the band, Grohl is looking forward to the day they can put on a live show.

“To be honest, being away from it for six or seven months,” he said, “not seeing the guys and having instruments in our laps, getting back to the rehearsal place and playing together to no one was just the best feeling in the world. When we get back and once it happens that we walk on stage to an audience, I have a feeling it’ll be the best show and the best feeling the band’s ever had.”


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