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The Coathangers to Reissue Self-Titled LP

The Coathangers

The Coathangers will be re-releasing a special edition of their self-titled debut at the end of the year.

Originally released in 2007, the album not only includes two bonus tracks — “Wife Eyes” from 2010’s Hard Candy and “Never Wanted You,” the title track off their 2007 EP. The reissues will be available in a confetti crush splatter vinyl and a neon strawberry banana pinwheel channel. There will only be 500 copies pressed of each color, respectively.

“We didn’t think anyone was going to listen to it,” singer and guitarist Julia Kugel said in a statement. “We knew our friends in Atlanta would get it, but we didn’t think it was going to go anywhere. We were just excited to make a record.”

Accompanying the announcement, the Coathangers have also shared “Wife Eyes.” Kugel spoke about the band’s years of musical experimentation and how the song came to be:

“We have always encouraged each-other to explore other instruments. For us, switching instruments was a way to explore our creativity and expand our sonic landscape. Plus it allowed everyone to take a turn at the mic! You’re breaking up the standard (sometimes stagnant) structure of onstage dynamic and it feels exciting to both the audience and the people on stage. We have been told that watching us change instruments is empowering to people as well! It’s like ‘Hell ya! I can do that too! I can play the drums!’ The playfulness of switching sort of takes the pressure off of being so serious or possessive of a certain role or instrument. It also gives you greater appreciation for each other’s skill sets. I think some of our most creative songs came out of the practice of switching instruments and ‘Wife Eyes’ is one of our earliest recorded songs where we switched instruments: Candice plays drums and Steph the keys.

The title is an obvious play on words-inspired by a joke on 30 Rock-that lent itself well to speaking on the roles of technology and patriarchy in our culture. It’s amazing to see that we are still dealing with these issues today.”

Listen to “Wife Eyes” and see the full tracklisting below.

1. “Why This Record Intro”
2. “Tonya Harding”
3. “Wreckless Boy”
4. “Haterade”
5. “A Real Honey”
6. “Shut The Fuck Up”
7. “Parking Lot”
8. “Buckhead Betty”
9. “Don’t Touch My Shit!”
10. “Roll Dem Dice”
11. “Parcheezi”
12. “Fatty Pad”
13. “Nestle In My Boobies”
14. “Bloody Shirt”
15. “The Missing Letter”
16. “Wife Eyes” (bonus track)
17. “Never Wanted You” (bonus track)
18. “Larger Success Outro”

The Coathangers releases on Dec. 4 via Suicide Squeeze Records. Preorder your copy here