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Nandi Bushell Responds to Dave Grohl By Sharing New Song in His Honor

In what’s been easily one of the most pleasant battles of 2020, young drummer Nandi Bushell responded to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl‘s latest salvo in their “feud.”

Wearing a purple “superhero” cape, Bushell took to Twitter and thanked him for the “superhero theme song” he wrote for her. Then she upped the ante yet again.

“The song you wrote for me was truly, truly EPIC! You really are LEGENDARY!” she said. “I wrote a song for you to say THANK YOU! It’s called ‘ROCK and GROHL, The EPIC Battle’! I hope you love my song, as much as I love your song for me! @foofighters #EPICBattle

The catchy, well-produced song has a chorus that proclaims, “rock and roll will help me save the world,” and also shows Bushell playing guitar, and a bass — the latter so big it dwarfs the young musician.

Bushell first entranced Twitter back in June, with her Tom Morello-approved cover of Rage Against the Machine’s  “Guerilla Radio” in support of Black Lives Matter.