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Nandi Bushell Brings ‘Smiles’ Drum Solo From Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’

Nandi Bushell Playing on Coldplay's "Fix You"

While Nandi Bushell awaits Dave Grohl‘s response in their ongoing “drum battle,” the young British musician switched gears and added her twist to Coldplay‘s 2005 tune “Fix You.”

“I hope this will bring a #smile to your face today. We always have #music! I really like this song called #fixyou by @Coldplay . The buildup at the end really get me flowing! With #love and #respect to you all, have an #awesome day ❤️🙏🏽✊🏽🤟🏽🥁👧🏽#coldplay #chrismartin #willchampion,” the 10-year-old British musician captioned the video.

Aside from her impeccable drumming on the instrumental break on the track, she decked out her drumkit with neon tape, brought out the black light and gave viewers not just a sonic experience but a visual one as well.

And Coldplay quickly took notice.

Bushell was of course pleased with the positive response and hopes everyone keeps the positivity flowing.

From her drum battle with Grohl to receiving a guitar from Tom Morello, Bushell has had quite a year — despite the global pandemic.

Watch Nandi Bushell play the drums on Coldplay’s “Fix You” below.