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Marissa Nadler Covers Dusty Springfield’s ‘Spooky’ on Two Minutes to Late Night

Marissa Nadler on Two minutes to late night

It’s that time of the week again — a new Two Minutes to Late Night cover has dropped!

Marissa Nadler takes on the lead vocals on the Dusty Springfield’s version of the moody track, “Spooky.” (The song was initially done as a jazz instrumental by Mike Sharpe in 1967.)

“Trick or treat! We covered that Dustry Springfield song from every Guy Richie movie (which is actually a gender-flipped cover song),” the caption accompanying the video said.

Nadler is no stranger to Two Minutes and has covered Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years.”

But of course, Nadler isn’t alone. Cave In and Mutoid Man leader Stephen Brodsky and Earth‘s Dylan Carson are both on guitar while Emily Lee of Shearwater and Loma takes the keys and the mini theremin. She also “mysteriously” transforms into a cat at some point in the clip. Big Business and Melvins drummer Coady Willis takes his place behind the kit, and of course, Jordan Olds reprises his role as Gwarsenio Hall.

Watch their performance below.

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