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Foo Fighters Brew a ‘Fresh Pot’ of Fun in Caffeinated Commercial Spoof

In a spoof that mimics commercials for nebulous drugs that treat unnamed issues, Dave Grohl reflects on a decade-old coffee addiction used to impair “solid bowel movements” leave him with “noxious coffee breath.”

In his (excellent) version of a serious/sad TV voiceover, Grohl laments, “I found myself doing anything for the fix. My roast grew darker and darker until I finally hit pot bottom. I couldn’t be there for the ones I love when they needed me the most.”

But wait, there’s a cure!

TV-ad-Grohl perks up when he shills for “Fresh Potix.” But, as with all “those” drugs, it seems the side effects may be worse than the disease, just ask his Foo Fighters bandmates.

A woman’s voice soothingly advises to “consult your doctor” should you experience any of the following side effects: “severe monkey pain, extra toe, urge to found your own colony, Cyrus Virus (your voice changes to that of Billy Ray or Miley, noise chickens, plaid lung and Pauly Shore.”

Thanks to taking FreshPotix, TV-commercial Grohl no longer has to “shoplift or sell my body for that fantastic buzz.”

Check the hilarity below.

The Foo Fighters recently performed an acoustic version of “Times Like These” at an event for Joe Biden. They also signed a letter in support of Planned Parenthood ahead of the presidential election and released an EP from 1996.