Cabaret Voltaire Share ‘The Power (Of Their Knowledge)’

(Photo by courtesy of Mute Records)

Industrial/electronic icons Cabaret Voltaire shared a second tune, “The Power (Of Their Knowledge)” from the upcoming album, the first in 20 years, Shadow of Fear, today (Oct. 6).

The first song from the forthcoming LP was the single “Vasto,” which dropped Aug. 20. Shadow of Fear is out Nov. 20, with Richard H. Kirk as the sole member of Cabaret Voltaire.

You can check out the six-minute, 30-second “The Power (Of Their Knowledge)” below.

“Surrealism has always been really important to Cabaret Voltaire. And that’s still present too,” Kirk said in a statement.

The genesis of the new album was the 2014 Berlin Atonal festival where Kirk played the first show on his own as Cabaret Voltaire. The m.o. Kirk adopted for Shadow of Fear was “no nostalgia. Normal rules do not apply. Something for the 21st Century. No old material,” he added.


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