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Wallows Return with New Single, Announce New EP

Wallos band photo by Nikoli Partiyeli

Wallows are back with “Nobody Gets Me (Like You).”

The video is a continuation from Wallows’ previous single, “OK,” where the indie rock trio took us on the road, stopped for some fast food and ended up at a house party. In the “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” clip, we find out that Wallows’ guitarist and singer Braeden Lemasters found love at said house party.

“Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” is the lead single off the band’s upcoming EP, Remote, which is out on Oct. 23.

Watch Wallows’ video for “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” and see the tracklist for Remote below.

Remote tracklist:

1. “Virtual Aerobics”
2. “Dig What You Dug”
3. “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)”
4. “Coastlines”
5. “Talk Like That”
6. “Wish Me Luck”

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