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Tom DeLonge Alludes to Alien Presence During Jesus Christ’s Birth

Tom DeLonge

The second season of Tom DeLonge’s Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation premiered on The History Channel in July. But the Angels & Airwaves frontman and alien expert sat down with The Guardian for the program’s UK premiere about his favorite topic — along with a new discovery.

While they discussed what the new season of the UFO show is bringing, DeLonge brought up that the star of Bethelehem, which is also known as the Christmas star that the Bible says was above Jesus’ manger after the Christian figure’s birth, could have been a star but also alluded to the possibility of it being a an alien aircraft.

“Things were written in text thousands of years ago, like hearing voices in your head, a burning bush that was talking,” he told The Guardian. “The ancient texts may have called it God, but I’m just saying it’s not that simple. The star of Bethlehem – was that a star or a craft? Because a star is really big. It wouldn’t be hovering over a manger.”

DeLonge’s fascination with the field started in the seventh grade and it’s an interest that has evolved as he’s grown up, despite some criticism from peers.

“People were tripping on me for sure,” he said. “If an actor had done what I’ve done, it’d be less weird, because you don’t really know who actors are. That’s kind of their game plan. But with musicians, you want to dress like them, or listen to other bands like them. Rock’n’roll has a tradition of being genuine and authentic.”

But he pointed out that the information that has informed his knowledge about UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomenon, and aliens are easily searchable on the web.

“It’s not conspiratorial,” he said. “Anybody can go on to the CIA website and read thousands of reports. There’s just a vacuum of conversation. Our government has had decades of the very difficult burden of dealing with something that is extremely advanced but poorly understood. They need time to dig into this, to understand it, to gather data and analyse it.”

If you’re into things extraterrestrial, watch the sneak peek of Unidentified‘s second season below.