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Sia Joins David Guetta on New Single ‘Let’s Love’

It’s been nine years since Sia and David Guetta released their chart-topping single “Titanium” and the pair has proven yet again that their musical bond is just as solid as titanium itself.

On Thursday afternoon, they shared their latest collaboration, “Let’s Love,” which initially saw its sort-of debut on TikTok earlier this week. In an effort to “get over difficult times together,” Guetta let fans join in on the #LetsLove challenge all week with 15 seconds of the song up for grabs, but now it’s time for the song to challenge the charts.

“Let’s Love” is as enormous of a track as you’d expect from the two. A sharp and synthy ’80s keyboard riff from Guetta backs up his hard-hitting drums, as Sia’s pipes sound just as bold as they did back in 2011 and in their numerous other collabs.

“During this time of isolation, I’ve been incredibly inspired to release music that has an uplifting energy,” Guetta says. “I love producing club tracks but at the same time, especially now, I feel like creating ‘feel-good’ music. ‘Let’s Love’ is a message of love, hope and bringing people together and once again, Sia has out done herself on the vocals.”

Check out the track below: