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Robert Smith Describes New Cure Song As ’10 Minutes of Intense Doom and Gloom’

The Cure (photo: Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP via Getty Images)

The Cure‘s Robert Smith revealed way back in February that a new album from the band was on the way, the lineup’s first in a dozen years and today, he shared a few more details about it. Joining Damon Albarn on BBC6 Music about the new Gorillaz collaboration, Smith said that being trapped inside due to COVID restrictions made him very productive, describing one of the final Cure cuts he’d written as “10 minutes of intense doom and gloom.”

Smith also added that Albarn got a hold of him to work on the Gorillaz’s “Strange Timez” while he was finishing off the Cure track. He also gave more insight to what he said earlier this year: that the Cure would release their first album in 12 years.

“Our whole idea for this year was really finishing off the album we started last year, me finishing off the solo album and also, finishing digitizing decades of stuff in order to make this film with Tim Pope about the history of the band. So, it’s actually benefited me because there have been no other distractions, so I’ve actually got a lot of what I wanted to do, done,” he said.

While he’d previously mentioned his upcoming solo album, Smith didn’t indicate if it was done, nor when it or the as-yet-untitled Cure album would be released. According to The Cure keyboard player Roger O’Donnell, the record was finished in April. He told NME  then that the album was “pretty much done. Whenever Robert does an interview, it’s interesting for the rest of the band to find out what we’re doing as well! But we’re just mixing and mastering the record now.”