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needtobreathe’s ‘Lockdown: A Quarantine Soundtrack’ Playlist


With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here is needtobreathe:

Music has a way of making our darkest days feel a little brighter. A good song can change the air in the room and also allow you to lean into the emotions you are feeling in the moment. This has been a crazy year for everyone and I know I’m not the only one who is thankful for the songs that have become the soundtrack to this season. Here are some of my favorite songs and artists that have gotten me through the year that shall not be named…

“Lose This Number” — Christian Lee Hutson
One of my favorite records of the year. Incredible songwriting and playing from top to bottom. Also, the double vocal effect he does is so good that I think even Elliott Smith would be in awe of it. Beautiful.

“St. Augustine At Night” — Dawes
One of our “favorite bands” who always deliver lyrics that cut like a knife. “The cherry gum would cover up the cigarettes we smoked…” is such a great first line. I got to hear this performed in a cave outside of Nashville on their last tour and can’t wait to hear their whole new record coming later this fall. Big fan.

“Garden Song” — Phoebe Bridgers
My most played album of 2020, hands down. It was seemingly impossible to follow up Stranger in the Alps but she did it, and crushed it. Punisher is a masterclass in songwriting and emotional exploration. All the feels.

“Lost In Yesterday” — Tame Impala
You can’t not move to this song. This record has been on repeat since it came out. Inspiring production and as always an all-around amazing vibe.

“Don’t Wanna” — HAIM
This record is such a fun listen all the way through. I love the production and HAIM’s harmonies are spot on. Women in Music Pt. III is on constant rotation for me.

“Blowback” — The Killers
So excited to have new music from The Killers. This is one of my favorites off their new record “Imploding The Mirage.” As always, this band never disappoints.

“Where I’m From” — Colony House
These guys are one of the best bands today and also some of the best people we know. I love this song and think their new record is stunning and deserves to be heard over and over again.

“I Got You Babe” — Boom Forest
This is such a cool cover of a classic song. The warble on the tape is rad and makes for a warm and inviting listen.

“Love in Mine” — Big Thief
Huge fan of this band as well as Adrianne Lenker’s solo work. This was a single released this year and I just love it. Every instrument being played has its own clear and special place in the mix which makes it such an immersive track. So good.

“Fire” — Waxahatchee
I discovered this album when it came out back in March and have been hooked on it since. I love her voice and the production is so cool and honest. Top 5 record for me in 2020 for sure.

“Mixed Connection” — The Head and The Heart
Drums and bass! This song is what groove dreams are made of. Love this band and this song.

“Pressure To Party” — Julia Jacklin
My favorite place in the world is a local record shop. I bought this record from a store without even hearing it because the packaging was so beautiful. Turns out, its a real vibe. Great record.

“Things I Do” — Andy Shauf
This was the last concert I saw before quarantine. This whole record is so cool, smart and musical. I was a huge fan of his last record “The Party” as well and think they should always be heard on headphones. Such an enjoyable listen.