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Master P Launches New Food Company to Replace Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima

Master P
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - MAY 03: Percy "Master P" Miller attends the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala on May 03, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage)

Earlier this year, food products like Uncle Ben’s rice and Aunt Jemima pancake mix came under fire for their racial stereotypes. Quaker was going to change the logo and Aunt Jemima name since it was based on a “racial stereotype.”

Now, Master P is offering an alternative to those products.

The No Limit entrepreneur is creating his own brand of Louisiana seasoned rice, beans, grits and pancake mix, aptly titled Uncle P’s. The brand actually launched in March but Master P is doing the press rounds now.

“If they made billions of dollars off Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, imagine how much we’ll make to give back to our own community. It’ll be us helping us without having to wait for the government. We can actually change the world,” the rapper told CNN.

“Right now we’re burning down our blocks and our communities while protesting injustice, but if we are able to own products and put money back in our community, we could buy those blocks back instead of burning them down,” he continued.

P also told the news network that he plans on giving a portion of the proceeds from his new venture to help develop real estate in Black neighborhoods.

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