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David Byrne Launches We Are Not Divided Multimedia Journalism Project

David Byrne

David Byrne has announced a new multimedia journalism-focused project titled We Are Not Divided.

The project is born from Reasons to Be Cheerful, Byrne’s solutions-based online magazine. It will bring together dozens of written features, infographics, video content, and other interactive storytelling to infuse the public dialogue with a perspective that highlights the human capacity for finding ways to move toward each other.

“We Are Not Divided is a six-week collaborative journalistic exploration of the human capacity to overcome division, a series that is hopeful at a time when that is in short supply,” David Byrne said in a statement.

Media collaborators include The Guardian, The Marshall Project, The Tyee, Next City, Freakonomics, Solutions Journalism Network, and more.

Reported stories from around the world will include a piece on a community of Congolese refugees in New York who used theater to end the tribal strife that had followed them to their new home; and a “pro-voice” non-profit offering non-partisan abortion services to everyone from California feminists to Bible Belt churchgoers; and many more.

The project will also feature a collection of original illustrations hand-drawn by Byrne. The project launches today (Sept. 17) and will run through Nov. 2.

More information on “We Are Not Divided” is available here.