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Dave Grohl Pens ‘Superhero’ Theme Song for Nandi Bushell

dave grohl and grohlettes

After Nandi Bushell not only challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle but also beat him by matching the Foo Fighters frontman beat-for-beat, Grohl is back with the next round in the ongoing competition.

“OK Nandi, you got me,” Grohl said sitting in front of his drum kit. “You win round one, but I’ve got something special for you. Something you’ve never heard before. Something I’ve never heard before because I’m about to write this off the top of my head for you.”

Aside from composing a brand-new drum solo, he also penned an epic theme song for the 10-year-old drumming wunderkind. Grohl also enlisted his daughters — Violet, Ophelia and Harper — to sing backup.

“She got the power/ She got the soul/ Gonna save the world with her rock and roll!” he sings on the new track.

Bushell and Grohl continuing web exchange started when the pre-teen musician challenged Grohl to a drum battle with her rendition of the Foo Fighters‘ “Everlong.” Grohl accepted by responding with Them Crooked Vultures“Dead End Friends.”

Watch Dave Grohl and the Grohlettes perform this new “superhero theme song” below.

As you can imagine, Bushell was overwhelmed by song.