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Chris Cornell’s Estate Shares Previously Unreleased Version of ‘Only These Words’

In honor of Toni Cornell‘s 16th birthday, Chris Cornell‘s estate has released the original version of “Only These Words” — a track from 2015’s “Higher Truth.”

The clip, which was posted on Chris Cornell’s official Instagram account, shows family images of the two together.

“Your dad would be so proud of the smart, strong, beautiful, and confident woman you are growing up to be. You are so very loved, and you give so much love, freely and unconditionally,” Vicky Cornell wrote in the caption to the post.

“And to celebrate you with everyone- I’m sharing part of daddy’s original version of ‘Only These Words’ Happy 16th Birthday, Toni!”

Check out the previously unreleased version of the song below.

Earlier this year, Toni Cornell appeared on Lollapalooza‘s weekend stream where she covered her father’s longtime pals Pearl Jam.