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Borat Sequel to Debut on Amazon Prime Before Election

Borat signs copies of his new books Touristic Guidings to Minor Nation of U.S. and A, and Touristic Guidings to Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan at the Borders Bookstore in Westwood Village, Los Angeles. (Photo by Ian West - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)


Earlier this summer, Sacha Baron Cohen was up to his old tricks by pranking folks in Washington, and also former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Now we know why: Baron Cohen is returning as Borat this fall.

According to Deadline, the film will be shown on Amazon Prime beginning in late October. The outlet also reports that the sequel was the first movie made during the COVID-19 shutdown and zigzagged across the country to film.

Last month, an eagle-eyed TikTok user caught Baron Cohen zipping around Long Beach, California, dressed as his infamous character.

The first Borat film, which was released in 2006, was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2007 Academy Awards.