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Bfb Da Packman Enlists Wiz Khalifa for ‘Fun Time’ Video

Bfb Da Packman

One of our favorite rappers to emerge this year has been Bfb Da Packman. After first appearing in June’s Blue Chips, our monthly column on new hip-hop, we spoke with Packman earlier this year about his rise from being a star regional rapper to possibly something bigger.

Packman went to L.A. earlier this year, which led to him teaming with Wiz Khalifa in the studio. Today, we hear the results of that collaboration: “Fun Time.”

Throughout the song, the affable Packman shines by mixing hilarious, topical lyrics as only he can. (Seriously, what else would you expect from the “Free Joe Exotic” rapper?) There are few emcees who can blend TikTok and PornHub at one point, then later sneeze and rap “Oh, Lord / I don’t got corona.”

In the video, the Houston-via-Michigan rapper slips back and forth between hanging with a group indoors and playing hoops outdoors with Khalifa. Watch below.