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Pantera’s Vinnie Paul Cutout Spotted at Texas Rangers Game

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 28: Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul at Birmingham Academy, October 28, 2010. (Photo by Will Ireland/Rhythm magazine via Getty Images)

With sports making a comeback and fan simulations taking over the stands — in the form of either video feeds or cardboard cutouts— it was only right that Pantera‘s late drummer Vinnie Paul earned some love from the Texas Rangers.

The Arlington, Texas native appeared on the stands of yesterday’s Rangers game after a fan supposedly submitted his photo to be made into a cardboard cutout. Needless to say, we’ve seen his “Domination” of the stadium ever since.

The drummer, who died in 2018 of heart disease at 54, was also a member of Hellyeah for the 12 years leading up to his death. The memorization of the late drummer found its way on Pantera’s Instagram page after the group posted a video of a Fox segment, which has earned plenty of fan love on socials.

The music great appears to be hanging out around some pets, including a few dogs and what appears to be a panda. To put it simply, he’s in good company.