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Cursive’s Tim Kasher Enlisted the Cheers Mailman to Save the USPS

The United States Postal Service is in good hands.

On Monday, Cursive lead singer Tim Kasher commissioned John Ratzenberger — aka mailman Cliff Clavin on Cheers — to inspire his followers to support the USPS.

“Why not translate the dollar amount you’re gonna pay for Aunt Tilly’s new hat and just buy her that amount of stamps — Easy to carry, easy to mail, easy to ship — and it’s worth something,” Ratzenberger says in the video, urging followers to do some early holiday shopping. “And it’ll be worth something for a long time. And how many times is Aunt Tilly gonna be wearing that hat? Once, twice? But, how many times will be she using those stamps? That’s right. Always thinking. So help your local post office; go down there and buy something.”

The video hits the internet as Senate Republicans oppose $25 billion in emergency funding for the USPS as the Postmaster general — appointed by Trump — has implemented new policies. Democrats are now accusing the Postmaster General of attempting to slow mail delivery before the election.

A Ratzenberger shoutout on Cameo is running around $125, so if the video does anything to match that for the USPS, we might be on our way.