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The Blue Stones’ ‘Snapshots of Quarantine’ Playlist

The Blue Stones

With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here is alternative duo the Blue Stones:

Music has always painted pictures in my mind. A good song will not only make you feel happy, alive, or understood; but it can transport you someplace without having to lift a finger. For me, that is just as important. Especially now, when we can’t be as liberal with leaving our homes as we were before. This playlist is a collection of songs that have been in my recent rotation and can take me places that I can’t go to right now.

“Nightrider” – Tom Misch, Yussuf Dayes, Freddie Gibbs

Tom Misch’s voice is the icing to Yussuf Dayes’ unbelievably sweet drumming. Then Freddie Gibbs just happens to show up? An unbelievably suave track that I play when I take a night drive around the city.

“Deep Pockets” – Drake

Love the propelling, “hydraulic press” style beat that 40 and Plain Pat threw down here. Drake’s undeniable. He’s like the Thanos of hip-hop.

“Time (You and I)” – Khruangbin

Khruangbin has been a new favorite of mine for a while now. I’m addicted to their groove, and that global funk just makes me feel so goddamn cultured. Perfect for the sunny days spent outside in the backyard with some Mezcal. Or working out? I don’t know what you do with your time, okay? Damn.

“Cheesin’” – Cautious Clay, Remi wolf, sophie meiers

Cautious Clay’s vocals are charming and playful, and it seems to work on Remi Wolf. The whole song is good vibes, I feel like it’s a song you’d hear in a modern remake of Grease. Which, for the record, I’m down for.

“Before Noon” – Mo Lowda and the Humble

Mo Lowda and the Humble are easily one of the most underrated bands out there right now. The melancholic vocals speak to me, the reverb-washed guitars melt my heart. It’s as emotional as I’m willing to get right now. Not to mention, these guys can jam the fuck out live.

“In My Mind” – The Amazons

Recent find. Thankful for it. The U.K. knows what rock is about, and these guys prove it. That guitar riff is so supercharged and slick that it makes me want to skydive and get fitted for a bespoke suit at the same time (That’s TikTok-able)

“Rhythm and Blues: The Peacemaker” – Nate Smith

Picture this: You’re hanging out in the yard, the sun is shining, food is sizzling, life is good. Cue Nate Smith’s Peacemaker.

“Real Life and Disasters” – Alberta Cross

What a journey this artist has taken. Their debut album was hugely influential on our sound. Petter’s voice is also one of a kind; living in a higher register and emitting badassery. The song evolves into a subtle jam, rounding itself out with tasteful guitar leads, choir vocals, and a swaggy beat that Nate would be proud of.

“Too Late” – Washed Out

I get serious Sade vibes from this song, with a touch of solo Sting. It’s like a magic carpet ride over a Mediterranean beach at twilight. Perfect for your next sonic escape session.

“Come Back to Earth” – Mac Miller

Man. God rest his soul. Mac was peaking when he was taken away too soon. This track has the uncanny ability of making me sad while still putting a smile on my face. The lyrics are also strangely relevant, long after its release.