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Socially-Distanced Nü-Metal Fest Actually Took Place This Weekend

A few weeks ago, the festival formerly known as Herd Immunity announced that it would be taking place July 16-18 in rural Wisconsin. Despite some bands dropping off the bill, the festival featuring Static-X, Saving Abel and ’90s rockers Sponge actually happened.

“Things are going GREAT people are being very respectful. Bet all the BS media won’t be writing stories about this. […] NOTICE the social distancing proving that LIVE MUSIC can be done during times like these,” a statement on the fest’s Facebook page read.

See some of the photos of the “socially-distanced” fest below.

Things appear to have gone alright for now, something Sponge frontman Vin Dombroski said to the Oakland Press.

“If we were gonna do anything like this, it felt like the safest bet I’d seen so far. I went with an open mind — and a little apprehension,” Dombroski said.

“If it was a family, they stood together, but people were in rows and it seems like people are getting sort of programmed — ‘OK, I’m gonna stand six feet away from somebody else.’ I was surprised to see that being so natural to folks. There was no mosh pit or trying to get up close to the band,” he continued.

Dombroski did say that although the crowd distanced themselves, but added that they did not wear masks.

“I don’t know what’s going go on the other days, but from what I saw yesterday (people) were doing a good job. I was a little surprised, but my experience was a positive one, as risky as it sounded,” he said.

Folks appeared to be having fun — with some social distancing. Check out a sampling of that below.