Raffi Wrote a Song About the Wall of Moms in Portland

STOCK 1986 Raffi Cavoukian, CM OBC (born 8 July 1948), better known by his mononym Raffi, is an Egyptian-born Canadian singer-songwriter, author, essayist, and anti-war activist of Armenian descent. He has developed his career as a "global troubadour", to become a music producer, author, entrepreneur, and founder of the Centre for Child Honouring, a vision for global restoration. Once called "the most popular children's singer in the English-speaking world" he is well loved by many children born in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s for his popular children's songs. His autobiography, The Life of a Children's Troubadour, documents the first part of his award-winning career.Some of Raffi's best-known children's songs are "Baby Beluga", "Bananaphone", "All I Really Need", and "Down by the Bay.Malibu, California September 10, 1986 ”Photographs: © Paul Harris, PacificCoastNews.com Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 [email protected] FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE

Step aside Tom Morello, Raffi Cavoukian, better known to kids around the world simply as “Raffi,” has written 2020’s next protest anthem.

Over the weekend, the beloved children’s singer shared a new song called “Portland Moms” that shows support for Black Lives Matter and calls out the civil unrest currently happening in Portland, Oregon.

“in solidarity with #BlackLivesMattter, a tribute to the heroic protests vs injustice in Portland and elsewhere,” the “Baby Beluga” singer tweeted, “an idea that woke me up 3 am, now recorded.”

The simple lyrics ask “Portland Moms won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight / Portland Moms won’t you come out tonight, by the light of the silvery moon,” and repeats the request for Black Lives Matter, Wall of Vets, and Strong and Peaceful.

“my first US concert was in Portland, 1981, sold out. fond memories of shared love and music. great town, friendly folk. heartbreaking, the trump cruelty vs #BlackLivesMatter protesters. stay strong!” the 72-year-old singer/activist wrote in a subsequent tweet.


The song’s muse is the Wall of Moms — a group of local mothers who have come together to join daily demonstrations in Portland after president Trump sent federal officers to the city in an attempt to squash protests and the tearing down of racist monuments.  They stand arm-in-arm in between feds and protestors, forming a “wall” of protection and have inspired other protection groups to form, like the Wall of Vets and PDX Dad Pod.

At the time of writing, the Wall of Moms’ private Facebook group boasts nearly 17,000 members.


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