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Neil Young Performs Protest Songs on His Front Porch in Latest Fireside Sessions Set

It’s been a bit since Neil Young recorded one of his terrific Fireside Sessions livestreams, and a lot has changed in the past month.

Billed as the “Porch Episode,” Young performed a set primarily of protest songs and as usual, rarities. He opened with “Alabama” and “Campaigner,” which was the first time the song was performed since 2008. Other deeper cuts include 2006’s Bush-era “Lookin’ for a Leader” (with changed lyrics to reflect the current election) and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin'” for the first time solo (he performed the song with Dylan in 1988).

As usual, the session was directed by Daryl Hannah. It runs a little over 33 minutes.

Despite the lag in Fireside Sessions, Young has remained active. He released his long-lost 1974 album Homegrown (he closed the set with “Little Wing” from the collection) on June 19, penned an essay about Black Lives Matter and shared an updated version of “Southern Man” that was performed last year.

Watch the “Porch Episode” here.

Setlist below:

“The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Bob Dylan cover)”
“Lookin’ for a Leader”
“Southern Man”
“Little Wing”

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