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Lana Del Rey’s Spoken Word Album Finally Gets Release Date

Lana Del Rey in front of red background

After its announcement back in April, Lana Del Rey‘s spoken word album, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, finally has a release date.

While Del Rey posted that “dates for the release of the audiobook and the physical book tomorrow!” Amazon has posted that the audiobook will drop on July 28 while the hardcover book will be out on Sept. 29.

“’Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’ is the title poem of the book and the first poem I wrote of many,” Lana Del Rey said in a statement on the Amazon page for the release. “Some of which came to me in their entirety, which I dictated and then typed out, and some that I worked laboriously picking apart each word to make the perfect poem. They are eclectic and honest and not trying to be anything other than what they are and for that reason I’m proud of them, especially because the spirit in which they were written was very authentic.”

She will be performing the spoke word pieces with music composed by Jack Antonoff, who worked on Del Rey’s 2019 LP, Norman Fucking Rockwell, in the background.

Aside from showing the book cover, her social media announcement also shared information about the Navajo Water Project and the COVID-19 crisis occurring in the Navajo Nation.

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Dates for the release of the audiobook and the physical book tomorrow! Also you should know about – Navajo Water Project 1 in 3 Navajo still don’t have a sink or a toilet. That means 1/3 of Navajo families haul water home every day. They pay 67 x more for the water they haul vs. piped water. Access to running water has become more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. In May, the infection rate in the Navajo Nation — at roughly 2,500 per 100,000 residents — surpassed that of New York. The Navajo Water Project brings clean, hot and cold running water to families across New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.The installation of a water and solar system takes just 24 hours from start to finish. The Navajo Water Project has a fundraising target of $1,035,000 for 2020 to bring running water and solar power to 230 families. and we plan on fulfilling that target in the next 4 weeks to bring it up to their million dollar mark, and we’ll be traveling throughout New Mexico Arizona and Utah to say hello and make sure it gets done. The Navajo Water Project is Indigenous-led, and registered as an official enterprise on the Navajo Nation. Their work creates meaningful, high-paying jobs, many with benefits like 100% employer-paid health coverage.

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