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Hear Semisonic’s Chiming New Song ‘All It Would Take’

Photo: Steven Cohen

Semisonic are back with the second sample from their upcoming You’re Not Alone EP, the alt-rock band’s first release in nearly two decades.

Throughout “All It Would Take,” singer-songwriter Dan Wilson meditates on infectious joy — how a single act of kindness can spark deeper growth. “There was a time when I believed that all it would take is one look, one heart to change me,” he sings over chiming piano, melodic bass, and washes of slide guitar. Listen below.

“I feel that in each of our lives, there is a possibility of meeting that one person who will change the way we see everything, a person who will give us a sense of new meaning, a mission, a passion,” Wilson said in a statement. “‘All It Would Take’ is my song for that moment, that person, that one voice that can change the world within you. Then you can turn outward and begin to change the world around you too.”

The five-track You’re Not Alone, out September 18, is Semisonic’s first studio project since 2001’s All About Chemistry. “All It Would Take” follows the EP’s recently issued title track, which they paired with a video partly inspired by “profound isolation.”

“I think these songs have a really important and relevant story to tell,” bassist John Munson in a statement announcing the EP. “They embody this spirit of optimism about the possibility we can offer each other in times of hardship and struggle. I’ve always believed that a Semisonic song is one that gives you hope, one that sends you out into the night happy, one that leaves you feeling more connected to whatever it is that makes you human, and that’s something we need now more than ever.”