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Hayley Williams Stands ‘to Protect Womxn and Young Folx in the Music Scene’

Hayley Williams

Following recent sexual misconduct accusations against Burger Records and musicians coming forward about their experiences with abuse, Hayley Williams could no longer be silent.

Last night (July 20), Williams posted a long note about her feelings toward sexism and misogyny in the industry, highlighting the “collective cause” of protecting “womxn and young folx in the music scene.”

“It makes my stomach hurt and my eyes red,” she wrote of the abuse allegations. “It’s so crazy to me how frontwomxn can be such powerful inspiration [sic] to so many young people, who see us as very much ‘in control’ of ourselves and our immediate surroundings when we’re up on a stage.”

Williams also pointed out while womxn are “vulnerable,” males are also subject to the same types of abuse. “They are most definitely vulnerable too and unfortunately — whether consciously or not — wrapped up in the toxicity of a culture that has existed long before most of us became a factor in it.”

While she admitted that she’s gone through her career “mostly unscathed” and without “any actual horror stories,” Williams said pointed out, “I do have my own stories and perspectives on relationships involving improper power-imbalance, narcissism, and just being a young female in the early to mid-2000s ’emo scene.'”

Williams circled back to the initial point of her post: calling on the entire music industry to keep accountability a priority for everyone’s safety. “Search your heart that you are doing all you can to recognize sexism and misogyny — even in its most diluted forms — in our music scenes,” she wrote. “We must continue to call out improper behavior and hold each other to a higher standard of respect and empathy!” she wrote, pointing out that it should apply to everyone in front of and behind the stage.

She ended by shouting out Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr, The Regrettes’ Lydia Night and others who’ve come forward. “You are brave and worthy,” she wrote.

Read Williams’ full message below.