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A Complete History of Musicians Running for Office

John Hall


A Complete History of Musicians Running for Office CSPAN

Even as he was scoring hits with his band Orleans (“Still The One”) and writing songs for Janis Joplin and Linda Ronstadt, John Hall remained a passionate environmental and anti-nuclear activist, successfully fighting to stop the placement of nuclear power plant near his home in Upstate New York in 1979. His interest in politics came much later when he decided to run against Republican Sue Kelly for her seat in the U.S. House. Hall won the 2006 election and remained in Congress for two terms, during which time he served on committees for veterans affairs and fighting global warming.

Krist Novoselic


Krist Novoselic Jim Bennett/Wireimage

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic made it clear that when he decided to run for the office of County Clerk in Wahkiakum County, he had no intention of actually going through with a campaign nor taking office if he won. His 2009 candidacy was a protest against the election system that allowed candidates to list any political party affiliation that they desired. To that end, Novoselic ran as a candidate for the Grange Party. After feeling like he had made his point, he removed his name from the running well before election day.