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Twenty One Pilots Release Never-Ending Music Video

Twenty One Pilots at Outside Lands, San Francisco, August 9, 2013

If you’ve ever hoped that a Twenty One Pilots music video would never end, well, today’s your lucky day. The group just released the first-ever never-ending music video for their single “Level of Concern.”

The Monday-released stream, featuring constantly revolving fan-submitted footage, premieres an entirely new music video every three minutes and forty seconds. Powered by Imposium and created with the help of director Jason Zada, the visual experience is the duo’s way of sharing moments with fans during the pandemic.

For the video, the group, consisting of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, encouraged fans to “dance, animate, dress up, get creative, be weird and have fun” on its website, with a spot for submissions.

“We didn’t think you would tear through the codes so easily,” the duo tweeted. “Should have taken a week but you did it in just over 12 hours. you got us this time. Now join in with your footage, your art, your dances, and be a part of the first ever never-ending music video.”

The group also recently announced that proceeds from the single will go toward Crew Nation, a relief fund that aims to help touring and venue crews impacted by the pandemic.

Check out the duo’s new historic below: