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Thurston Moore Shares New 9-Minute Song

Thurston Moore, presented by Norton and Pandora, part of the Boldly Go by Norton Concert Series, powered by Pandora on December 11, 2014 in New York City.

In recent months, Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore has shared a bunch of outtakes, rarities and what-not on his Bandcamp page. But that changed.

Sharing the information in a tweet, Moore announced “Strawberry Moon,” a new nine-minute all-instrumental song that he recorded at Daydream Library in his new home of London. It was also credited to today (June 3) so he may have laid down the three-guitar tune today.

“a celebration of the strawberry ( full ) moon vibrations – free energy for change,” Moore’s tweet read.

As for Sonic Youth, their Bandcamp page has seen a flurry of activity this year, something Lee Ranaldo told us that would happen earlier this year (and has shared his own releases on the site as well). Since March, they’ve shared 12 live shows, their out-of-print 1987 EP Master-Dik, and some live albums. Last week, Sonic Youth shared their semi-official Hold That Tiger live album that was recorded in 1987 and released in 1991.

You can listen to the tune below.