Snoop Dogg on Voting: ‘I Can’t Stand to See This Punk in Office One More Year’

Snoop Dogg
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

Snoop Dogg will be voting in his first U.S. election this year.

“I ain’t never voted a day in my life, but this year I think Imma get out and vote because I can’t stand to see this punk in office one more year, ” Snoop said in an interview with 92.3’s Big Boy on Thursday (June 4).

But before you think that it’s because he’s been apolitical, the legendary west-coast rapper revealed that he was “brainwashed” to think that his previous criminal record made voting forbidden.

“For many years they had me brainwashed thinking that you couldn’t vote cause you had a criminal record,” Snoop told Big Boy, who pointed out that “if you don’t cast your vote, somebody’s gonna cast a vote for you.”

Snoop added, “I didn’t know that. My record’s been expunged, so now I can vote.”

Now that he knows he can vote, Snoop is committed to casting his ballot in November.

“‘Cause we gotta make a difference,” he said. “I can’t talk about it and not be about it. I can’t tell you to do it and then don’t go do it. Everybody know I’m a frontliner. I ain’t gonna tell you to do something I didn’t do.”

The conversation also delved into the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests since the killing of George Floyd on Memorial Day. And Snoop Dogg referred to a clip that fellow rapper Warren G shared on Instagram.

“It was some Crips in Long Beach,” he said. “It was a white boy that was infiltrating, coming trying to create some sort of… violent situation, but we had a peaceful march going on in the hood. So the homies were like, ‘You know what? First of all, you’re not black. You don’t live in Long Beach, and you really not about the cause. You’re really one of those [AntiFa] guys…’ And the homies recognized that and they did the police work. So in so many words, we know how to police our neighborhoods better than the police.”

Watch Snoop Dogg’s full interview with Big Boy below.


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