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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Thanks Nurse With Big Surprise on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lars Ulrich Metallica Fan Kimmel Live

Since the start of the quarantine, Jimmy Kimmel has been honoring healthcare workers who have been working on the frontlines of the global pandemic. And last night’s edition of #HealthCareHero, Kimmel spotlighted Tracey Bednar, a pediatric ICU nurse in Long Island, N.Y., and Metallica superfan.

After revealing that Bednar would blast “Enter Sandman” in the car on her drives home from work each day, Lars Ulrich appeared and thanked Bednar for her amazing work.

“As a father of three, I can’t thank you enough for what you do,” the Metallica drummer told Bednar. “I’ve been sitting here listening in for the last couple of minutes. All of us out here in San Francisco, my family and everywhere are so grateful for what you do. And thank you for having Metallica be a part of your life and your ride home.”

And when Kimmel asked about how Ulrich felt hearing that a pediatric nurse unwinds to Metallica every night after work.

“It’s just so amazing to hear the different ways that music and Metallica connect with people,” Ulrich said. “And we’ve been doing this coming up on 40 years. Shhh, don’t tell anybody it’s been that long. It’s just so amazing to continuously hear how we can make a little bit of a difference in people’s lives.”

But gratitude wasn’t the only thing Ulrich shared. He also surprised Bednar with VIP tickets to a Metallica concert as well as a copy of their upcoming album, S&M2, which will be signed by the entire band.

Find out how Ulrich surprises this nurse and Metallica superfan in the video below.