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Meek Mill Shares New Protest Song ‘Other Side of America’

Meek Mill

As the protests continue to go on throughout America and the world, a number of artists have released new material reflecting the times we’re living in.

The latest comes from Meek Mill, who is very familiar with the perils of injustice and racism, to put it mildly.

Today (June 5), the rapper shared “Other Side of America,” a song that encapsulates this time and was produced by Butter Beats and Shroom.

Starting with words from President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign speech, Mill uses incisive lyrics to trace the perils of what African-Americans are going through and have gone through.

“Reporting live from the other side/Same corner where my brothers died/Livin’ like we ain’t got care/Told my mama I ain’t dying here/40 on me I ain’t buying beer/Ain’t have a will, now I’m flying Lear/Bunch of felons on the jet with me,” Mill says.

And continues: “They gotta kill me in traffic/I ain’t with none of this rap shit/I’ve been tryna run from these caskets.”

Since being released from jail in 2018, Mill has been on the frontlines of reform. Earlier this year, Mill and Jay-Z’s justice reform organization, REFORM Alliance, sent 100,000 masks to prisons in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Listen to the song below.