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Haim Chase Each Other Around the Forum Parking Lot in ‘Don’t Wanna’ Video

This past Friday, Haim released their outstanding new album Women in Music Pt. III. To celebrate, the sisters performed a set at Los Angeles’ Canter’s Deli where they played a bunch of new songs from the collection.

Today (not actually today, but you know), the sisters shared a video for their recent single, “Don’t Wanna” where they took a trip down La Cienega (or La Brea depending on your route of choice) to the Forum in Inglewood for it.

In the clip, Haim start to walk together in the arena’s empty parking lot at sunset, before they all end up chasing each other in what appears to be a competition that only siblings can take part in/understand its competitive nature.

Haim’s album was supposed to be released in April before the coronavirus pandemic struck. They also just started a small tour performing at delis across the country at the time before that changed as well.

Check out the video below.

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