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Destroy Boys’ ‘June Gloom’ Playlist

Destroy Boys Portrait by Kai Mosley

With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here is Sacramento-based rockers Destroy Boys:

Alexia Roditis (vocals)

Nirvana – “On A Plain”
Lately I’ve been pissed at the world and agro. I listen to this song and feel my angsty bullshit. I love the line “One more special message to go, then I’m done and I can go home”. Reminds me of the last hour of work.

Talking Heads – “Sugar on My Tongue”
Since I can’t really DATE ANYONE I listen to this song and pretend I have people to pine over.

Mannequin Pussy – “Denial”
Quarantine has really put a strain on my mental health. I listen to songs like this one to remind myself that everything will be okay eventually and that I’m not alone.

Knocked Loose – “Oblivion’s Peak”
My friend randomly showed me this song, and I’m so glad he did! It goes so hard. It makes me feel alive.

Nancy Sinatra – “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”
I love this song. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie whenever it comes on. It’s fun and upbeat and mischievous, which I think we can all use right now.

Violet Mayugba (guitar):

Radioactivity – “Don’t Try”
This song is a combination of all of my favorite things – minor chords, quick-spitting melodies, and frantically fast guitar strumming. This song has a really specific feeling of uncertainty and frustration that resonates with me.

Machine Girl – “Blood Magic”
This is my freak song. Nothing kicks a day into high gear like Machine Girl. Alexia and Narsai have both seen them live, and I haven’t, and I resent them for that. ;+)

BRONCHO – “All Choked Up”
BRONCHO is one of the most versatile and well-produced bands I’ve ever heard. Every one of their records hits me differently. This particular song is off of Bad Behavior, their most recent LP, which has a, frankly, sexy mood to it. It’s a great background for a first kiss with somebody.

Hayley Williams – “Dead Horse”
I didn’t start really getting into new age-y pop stuff until last year. A lot of it stems from the nostalgia of being eight years old and listening to 107.9 The End in Sacramento growing up – but I also noticed all of the great writing styles in pop from a musician standpoint that I wasn’t able to pin down before. This song is a perfect example of that.

Enon – “Natural Disasters”
This song just…hits. Every opening of the high hat, the nuance of the vocal melody, the chord progressions. It just hits, and I love singing it.

Narsai Malik (drums):

The Last Shadow Puppets – “Les Cactus”
This is a cover of Jacques Dutronc, but I think this version is a little more rocking and fun to listen to. My French is rusty but I always try to sing it every time it comes on.

Chicano Batman – “Manuel’s Story” 
Everyone in this band kills it at each of their instruments on every single one of their songs and this song proves it, along with the kick-ass story told in the lyrics. It makes me imagine a movie being made of it, similar to something crazy like Blow.

Otoboke Beaver – “S’il vous plait”
This band writes the punk hits. This song makes me feel like overthrowing the government with all of my friends on a sunny day while wearing sweatpants. I’d kill to see them live.

Juicebumps – “Alarm Clock”
No other band makes me feel more insane than these freaks. Listening to this song makes me tingle with every millimeter of my body in the best way possible while also controlling all of my brain function. Something I think everyone needs a little bit to pass the time these days.

The White Stripes – “Little Cream Soda”
I have no idea how this song hasn’t been put in a Tarantino movie yet. Every time I hear this song I think of a scene like in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 when Uma Thurman brutalizes hundreds of dudes wielding samurai swords or something from Inglourious Basterds. If I worked out this would definitely be on my workout playlist.