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Ben Folds Shares New Song ‘2020’ That Sums Up the Year

In just under two-and-a-half minutes, Ben Folds has managed to sum up the chaos that is 2020.

The singer/songwriter has shared “2020” that looks back at the year so far and is a perfect encapsulation of the angst that almost everyone has been going through on many levels. The song was recorded at Folds’ apartment in Sydney.

“Here’s to hoping for some stability in 2021, and to eventually looking back and understanding that it took this year, uncomfortable as it has been, to get us to a better place. Until then, hold on to our hats,” Folds said.

Folds was in the midst of an Australian tour before the coronavirus pandemic hit.  This is Folds’ first new single since 2018’s “Mister Peepers.”

Check out the song below.