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Madonna Says ‘Fuck the Police’ After Minneapolis Officers Murder George Floyd

The singer and actress Madonna (Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) in concert at the Pala Alpitour in Turin during a stage of her Rebel Heart World Tour. Turin (Italy) November 21st, 2015 (Photo by Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Madonna took to Instagram on Tuesday to excoriate the four Minneapolis police officers who murdered George Floyd.

During the incident, Floyd repeatedly told police officers that he could not breathe and was ignored, with one kneeling on his neck in a disturbing video. He died shortly after. According to CNN, the officers were responding to an alleged forgery (ed. note: what the fuck) in progress and the suspect was sitting in a car allegedly under the influence.

The officers involved in the incident were fired on Tuesday.

Madonna, along with a growing chorus of other major music personalities, was justifiably outraged.

“with his knee on his neck, handcuffed and helpless, crying for his life with his face in the street is the most sickening, heartbreaking thing ive seen in a long time. This Officer knew he was being filmed and murdered him with arrogance and Pride,” she wrote. “This has to stop!! Until we can over come Racism in America— no one should be allowed to carry a gun. Most of all cops. God Bless you George Floyd Im so sorry for you and your family. And all the senseless killings that have gone before you. Will it ever end? 🙏🏼 I pray to GOD it does one day. Until then—Fuck The Police! Yea I said it. Im not interested in being PC. Im interested in Justice.
@shaunking #georgefloyd #justice #guncontrol

You can see Madonna’s post below.

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