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David Byrne’s Reasons to be Cheerful Debuts New COVID-19 Series

David Byrne

Reasons to be Cheerful, the online magazine founded by David Byrne, has just dropped a new reported series “about changes that have long seemed out of reach, but now, amid the coronavirus outbreak, are happening fast — and how we can make them stick.” And it is called “Now Anything is Possible.”

From universal basic income to restructuring urban spaces, the series will look at what the world could potentially look like following the pandemic, what changes can be made and who are the people behind those innovations. Journalist Mitch Anderson penned the intro to “Now Anything is Possible.”

Anderson wrote:

“Today, another collective visceral moment is unfolding in real time, upending billions of lives and reconfiguring society with unprecedented speed. In the span of a few months, countries across the world have mobilized en masse to confront an existential threat. The imperative of saving lives has swept away endemic government gridlock. People whose work often goes unsung are being recognized for their essential contributions, and billions are voluntarily curtailing their personal freedoms for the common good.”

Learn more about “Now Anything is Possible” below:

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