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Billy Idol Joins Jimmy Fallon and the Roots for ‘Social Distancing Remix’ of ‘Dancing With Myself’

Tonight show

Quarantine is causing everyone to question…well, everything. That includes reworking classic songs to reflect these times.

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, Billy Idol showed up to perform a “social distancing remix” of his classic ’80s power anthem “Dancing With Myself.” The song has certainly taken on new meaning in recent months, that’s for sure.

Joined by Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and their at-home instruments, it was definitely a…different version of the song.

In February, Idol joined New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio in a campaign to fight the unnecessary idling of cars in the city.

“When I heard about this campaign it just made sense,” Idol said at the time. “It’s amusing but also very serious.”

Check it out below.