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Benjamin Gibbard Shares Recorded Version of New Single ‘Proxima B’

Benjamin Gibbard New Single

Today is the last day of livestream pioneer and Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard‘s ongoing series of streams (at least on a frequent basis). Giving fans a bit of a thank you, Gibbard shared a new single that he recorded in quarantine.

Titled “Proxima B,” the tune has already been performed during past livestreams. But the recorded version has more of an upbeat, power-pop vibe with lyrics that describe going to another world.

For its B-side, Gibbard tackled Minor Threat‘s “Filler.” Unlike the chaotic original, this version is a bit more tender and runs almost double of the original’s 93 seconds.

“This one I wrote a while ago and I was going to have it out as a single for my solo tour this spring,” Gibbard said in a release. “It’s about a planet that was discovered deep, deep in the cosmos, called Proxima B. The three things you need to know about Proxima B to understand the song are: One, there’s a planet called Proxima B that they think has water on it. It’s somewhat Earth-like. Secondly, it orbits the star called Centauri. And three, there’s been a lot of talk of ‘Ooh, maybe we can get there at some point.’ So I wrote this song in response to that.”

Previously, Gibbard shared another song from quarantine, aptly titled “Life In Quarantine.” The song was originally written for Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger’s A Message to the City series in late March.

Limited-edition 7-inch vinyl and cassette versions of the single will also be released via Gibbard’s long-dormant label imprint Bedside Recordings. The song is out via Barsuk Records.

Listen to both songs below.