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Ticketmaster Set to Offer Refunds for Postponed Shows (Report)

Following in what AEG will reportedly do, Ticketmaster appears to be on course to offer fans a chance for refunds for tickets of events that were postponed.

Billboard reports that beginning on May 1 (like AEG), fans who bought tickets for postponed shows will start receiving emails from Ticketmaster with new dates. They have the chance to get a refund including for both ticket prices and the fees as well. Additionally, Billboard’s report says that Live Nation will also offer fans an option to receive a 150% credit for the value of their tickets that can be used for another show that Live Nation promotes.

Like with AEG, there’s a catch.

Fans will have 30 days to request a refund, or else no refund. However, ticket (or tickets) will be good for the rescheduled show, whenever that may be.

In recent weeks, Ticketmaster has been ripped by legions of folks for not immediately offering refunds for tickets purchase. In a statement, Ticketmaster kinda, sorta doubled down on it before this sudden change of course.

The news comes a day after New York lawmakers urged the state attorney general to investigate the company for its policies, according to the Wall Street Journal.