The Strokes Share Their Latest Single ‘Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus’

The Strokes
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

The Strokes are getting ready for a big week.

On the heels of their upcoming fittingly-titled album, The New Abnormal, the band shared a new track, “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus.”

With a synthy intro you’d hear in an Atari game or the ’80s TV show, Knight Rider, “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” is an upbeat track that layers the band’s signature melodies with the synthpop vibe. Not a bad way to get your week started.

The Strokes have already released a number of tracks from the new album, “Bad Decisions,” “At the Door,” “Ode to the Mets” and “The Adults Are Talking.”

Previously, The Strokes unveiled a pair of new songs at a concert in New Hampshire at a rally for Bernie Sanders. They also shared an animated video for “At the Door” and “Bad Decisions.”

The New Abnormal is out on Friday (April 10).

Listen to The Strokes’ “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” below:


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